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An ambassador is not simply an agent; he is also a spectacle.

-Walter Bagehot

What is Campus Ambassador Program??

Our Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for young and bright  students to develop knowledge , leadership and networking skills essential to career in Corporate world

Benefits of being  a campus ambassadors!!

  1. Getting Connected to Robogames Society
  2. One of the biggest pieces of positive feedback we receive from our Previous Ambassadors is that this experience has helped them become more connected to The World Of Robotics and Corporate world.
  3. Goodies and Scholarships from our partners.

Possible Outcomes :

  • Learn about Robotics, free knowledge, and collaborative writing.
  • Learn and develop communication, teaching, and leadership skills.
  • Create a name for yourself and network with a great team of people within one of the most significant robotics event ever to be held in india.
  • Work closely with college/university teachers/professors.
  • Receive Robogames merchandise to give out at events.
  • Potentially receive Discounts to other Robotics Event.

Role of Campus Ambassadors??

Publicize Robogames In your campus and techfest:  You’ll have to attract all that attention from the students in your campus and come up with trendsetting ideas that you think will make RoboGames viral in the campus.

Create platforms for ROBOGAMES Webinars: We let you be your own masters of ROBOGAMES  in your campus! You’ll have to devise strategic plans for operation, relevant to your campus demographics & implement them. You’ll also come up with the most effective solutions to the challenges & find the right way to get us moving!

Interactions: You’ll be connecting to everyone in the campus through direct discussions & in social media, get their reviews & feedbacks.

Ideate Tactics to Raise Awareness & Increase the reach of Robogames: Time to hone your management skills! You’ll be coming up with ideas to increase the number of participants. You’ll be the key in increasing the penetration and creating that buzz about Robogames not only in your campus but also in your city and your network

**All the Active Student Ambassadors will be facilitated with citation from the chief guest during RoboGames.

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