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Robogames in its 4th edition will be the India’s Biggest Robotics Championship attracting participation from all over the world. This year Robogames has four events . We invite the best minds from across the world to compete against each other to win the Grand Title.

Over the last four years Robogames has been conducted at over 100 cities attracting a participation of over 10,000 people. This year Robogames Finale will be conducted on 4-5 April,2015 in Delhi with the following aims :

1. Diversity  : With a variety of event list Robogames aims to attract participants from all domains and level of expertise. We aim to provide a platform to amateurs as well as pro’s.

2. Awareness : Spread awareness among the public about Robotics in India. General Public apart from the participants would be encouraged to visit Robogames and witness the ultimate Tech Fun.

3. Recognition and Exposure : Apart from the Prize Money , Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded in Each Category to boost up the participants and encourage future participants to be part of such events.

4. Educational Outreach : We would conduct various events at different places to encourage and enable students to participate in Robogames .



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